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Safe Kids at Church

Equipping Churches with 
tools that protect children

The prevalence of sexual abuse in the church

There is growing intolerance in the court of law and in the court of public opinion for organizations that are not intentional and proactive in creating safe places for the children they serve. This is especially true for churches.  It is not enough to just have a child protection policy. In fact, if you have a policy that is not current, thorough, and being enforced, you increase your liability and leave children vulnerable. And how does a Children’s Ministry Director find the time to continually address this duty with vigilance?

Let us help you make your church safe for children and the adults who minister to them.

The #1 reason churches went to court in:

For the last decade, child sexual abuse has been the number one reason Protestant churches have gone to court. 

If there were any other singular reason churches were taken to court, we believe the church would have "fixed" the problem. Why then is child sexual abuse not being addressed with as much tenacity as possible? Why is this tolerated? 

It must stop and it must stop now!

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The impact of sexual abuse on the person

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"Sexual abuse carries a unique devastation factor because it distorts foundational realities of what it means to be human:


  • Embodied personhood is plundered,


  • Delegated authority becomes destructive,

  • Sexual  expression is perverted,

  • Intra-personal trust is shattered

  • Profound metaphors for God are disfigured."

Andrew Schmutzer

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