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How we can help


We understand that in most churches, the burden to write and implement child protection policies falls on the Children's Ministry Director. Many of these directors work part-time or volunteer their time. Because there are so many responsibilities and duties that come with the job, it is easy to see how writing and implementing child protection documents can fall off the radar. Larger churches may have the paid staff who can manage this, but for small churches it is a big challenge.

We are here to help any church, but especially the smaller churches or the Children's Ministry Director who is overwhelmed with all the responsibilities, but wants to make sure children are safe in her/his program. 


Policy Review

Writing New Documents

Policy and Procedures Workbook


We can provide you with a tool that you can use to review your current documents to make sure they are current and thorough. If you would like, you can send us your documents and we will do a review for you and send you a detailed report of what we find. 

Many churches are using documents that were written a very long time ago. We cannot do children's ministry the same way we did even 5 years ago. Trying to make old documents fit today's ministry needs can take more time and energy than starting all over. Some churches still function without any documents at all. We can help you start over or start from scratch writing new documents. We have a process that is not overwhelming. We won't say it is easy, but we can certainly make it much more manageable and doable. It won't take as long as you might think. 

APC_WorkbookCov-15 copy.jpeg


We also have a workbook that provides you with step-by-step help in writing your documents. This workbook can be purchased for only $15.00.

When you request our consultation services, we walk you through all these steps for as long as necessary to have documents ready to be approved by your leadership. We can provide this service to you virtually. We can also include in-person training based on your needs.

What are our fees?

We don't charge you anything! 

We cannot say to a church, "We won't help unless you can pay us." We understand the hesitancy to enter into a consulting agreement, not knowing how long it will take and what the final invoice will be. 

All we ask is that you show this video to your pastor or leaders. We explain the services we provide, why this work is imperative and then we simply ask the church to make a donation to Adults Protecting Children when the work is complete.

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