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Katie Flores

"Steve Collins is an expert in helping churches navigate the process of writing and editing child safety procedures. He is able to help you quickly figure out your next step and resources you with everything you need to think through. His child sexual abuse prevention training is thoughtfully and gracefully presented.”

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Presbyterian Church in America

Mother of a survivor

"When my daughter was abused by a youth director/teacher in our church, there was no system in place to either prevent or process such a tragedy.  The church's response has been to cover up, and they have shown little insight into the profound damage that has been done to a young girl--a stance that only serves to further hurt our daughter and family.  Adults Protecting Children has the knowledge and the resources to help churches and other Christian institutions position themselves to be a safe place for children, and a place where the wounded can be loved and served.  Our family has been shown great compassion and kindness by Steve--I can't overstate how helpful he has been, and how much I wish our church had been through such training.  I urge you to let Steve help make your church safe and good for every child who enters the door."

Kristi Cain

"Protection from sexual abuse is one of the most foundational ways we love the children God places in our churches. Adults Protecting Children has helped us equip our local congregations to do just that through training, resources, and support. We are so thankful to Steve Collins and his organization for their passion and expertise. Our churches are safer places because of them."

National Director Kids' Ministries

International Pentecostal Holiness Church

Laura Tucker

"Steve Collins was a gift to our church as we sought to improve our child safety procedures. With experience and wisdom, he walked us through reviewing and editing our policies, which helped us make our policies best fit the context of our church and its ministries. He leads training in such a grace-filled way that you leave the training feeling hopeful, compassionate, and empowered."

Children's Ministry Director

Brent Bounds

"Steve's work in helping Redeemer Presbyterian Church broaden and strengthen our Child Protection Policy and Procedures was invaluable.  Steve has such a passion for the work of protecting children and creating safe environments where children can learn.  He had great attention to detail and made sure our policy thoroughly covered all areas.  I would highly recommend working with Steve Collins and Adults Protecting Children."

Brent Bounds, PhD

Director of Family Ministries

Redeemer Presbyterian Church

New York City, New York

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